Wild Turkey - American Spirit

This year the Austin Nichols Wild Turkey distillery is proud to offer Wild Turkey American Spirit, a 15 year old Bourbon that harkens back to the early days of the United States when both the country and whiskey were wild. Bottled at 100 Proof, American Spirit is a nod to those early devotees of real “Straight Whiskey” and to the young country that provided them with the opportunity to hone their craft. There is no mystery in this bottle. Designated as a Bonded whiskey and produced as a truly small batch bourbon with only 24,000 bottles available world wide.

» Uniquely shaped bottle to have all art/copy screened and incorporate gold leaf appliqué

» Stopper will be 100% wood with Wild Turkey “seal” embossed in top and S1 level cork

» In keeping with past limited edition products and to add additional premium cues a commemorative “coin” will be affixed to bottle

» Bottle will feature a “strip stamp” replicating the authentic bottled in bond stamps used by the US Government