Centenario Gold

Centenario Gold, heir to over 100 years of tradition and the most mature member of the Flor de Cana family, is destined to continue the tradition of quality for which Flor de Cana has been recognized again and again. Centenario Gold embodies the brand's experience and dedication to the art of making rum. It is a full-bodied, 18 year-aged amber colored rum that embodies a rich complexity of flavors with a smooth finish.

Ron Flor de Cana was first produced at the San Antonio sugar mill in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua in 1890, when young rums were consumed to celebrate the sugar cane harvest. Limited quantities of better tasting "aged" rums were reserved for and savored by the proprietors of the mill. As the preference for "aged" rum spread to the population at large, Compania Licorera de Nicaragua was founded in 1937 and the commercial production of these fine quality "aged" rums began.

The proprietary "Slow-Aged" method characterizes the natural, unhurried aging process utilized in the production of the entire family of Flor de Cana rums. The original barrelhouses, built without air-conditioning, electrical ventilation or humidifiers, provide Flor de Cana a natural, undisturbed environment in which the rum ages, ensuring that no excessive flavors or aromas are acquired. "The slow aging process of our rum is a reflection of the dedication and care that is put into our product - a novel vintage for the rum connoisseur," states Robert Collins, managing director of Rum Marketing International.

Let's drink to that! Preferably, with Flor de Cana Centenario Gold 18-Year Old Rum. Served neat or on the rocks -- it just might be the best rum you ever tasted.



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