• Jose Cuervo Platino is an ultra-premium addition to the Jose Cuervo Tequila portfolio, the best selling brand family in the tequila category, accounting for 44% of category volume.
  • Inspired by over 200 years of the Cuervo Family heritage and experience, Jose Cuervo Platino is a versatile silver tequila, enjoyed neat or on the rocks, or to enhance fine cocktails and Margaritas with its ultra-premium character.
  • In a blind tasting conducted by the Beverage Testing Institute, Jose Cuervo Platino received 96 points, the highest rating ever awarded to a silver tequila - making it the world's best tasting tequila!
  • Jose Cuervo Platino is being supported by a $6 million marketing investment (an unprecedented per case investment), designed to make the new product the silver tequila of choice for a base of target consumers that includes affluent 25-39 year old males, urban professionals and other consumers of ultra-premium spirits.
Product Description:
  • Jose Cuervo Platino is a lush, vibrant, ultra-premium tequila in which light, herbaceous aromas give way to hints of vanilla and oak. On the palate, a balance of pepper and soft agave flavors lead to a smooth, mellow finish.
  • Well-known spirits expert Dale DeGroff describes Jose Cuervo Platino as "an elegant product" and "a crowd pleaser."
  • The ultra-premium status of Jose Cuervo Platino is reflected in every detail of its packaging. The hand-blown style blue glass bottle features a hand-dipped wax seal and ribbon, cork-finished closure, and hand-signed number and signature. The bottle is presented in a handcrafted wooden box that becomes an impressive display piece when opened.
  • Jose Cuervo Platino is made only from hand-selected 100% blue agave and is handcrafted in the town of Tequila.
  • Introducing a silver tequila to Casa Cuervo's distinguished Reserva de La Familia, Jose Cuervo Platino achieves its ultra-premium quality through a unique process called "Esencia de Agave", a meticulous method that brings the full character, flavor and essence of the agave to life.