For the first time, our master blender brings together fine Canadian whisky in rare cognac casks from the Limousin forest in France, distinctly marked “16” to represent their place of origin.

Crown Royal’s master blender begins with our unique blend of over 50 different individually aged whiskies. Exceptional in character and taste, this special blend is placed in the casks, which impart subtle hints of rich dried fruit and create the balanced yet complex taste.

The flavor of Cask No. 16 starts out sweet. There are tastes of creamy butterscotch, vanilla, almond and dried fruit. A pleasant richness comes through in the mid-palate and a spiciness appears to enrich. A clean, long and pleasant finish.

A cooling sensation passes across your tongue followed by sweet flavors and then a slightly astingency. There is a complete absence of any bitter tastes. altogether the whisky is dry and pleasant. The feel is a medium to a full. Pass it under your nose and breathe i nits initial nutty aroma followed by hints of dried fruit and spice.

The finish is what seperates Cask No. 16 from any other whisky. This is where the cognac Oak Really shines. The finish is long and rich. The flavors are engaging and balanced all the way through to the end.

Crown Royal Cask No.16
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