Liquid Ice Vodka

Liquid Ice is 100% Certified Organic Multi-Grain Vodka. While other vodkas say organic, only ours is multi-grain certified organic by the USDA and is stamped on every bottle. Liquid Ice is kosher and is produced under the OU’s strict rules for cleanliness.

Our Five Organic Grains : Wheat, Oat, Barley, Corn & Rye are farm raised from organic growers producing a higher quality of grain, that is non g.m.g. (not genetically modified) which makes it All Natural.

The water used in Liquid Ice comes from a 200 foot deep well that taps into the Snake river aquifer, which is at a constant 42 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Liquid Ice is distilled 4 times for the cleanest freshest taste. Filtered 3 times using a unique purifying process consisting of geological components of charcoal, sub-micron filter and lava rock.

The filtration through lava rock removes all impurities that normally give the burning taste in vodka.

Liquid Ice is sculpted in glass, shaped like a tower changing form from solid to liquid. The bottle infuses light like a prism, creating a unique one of a kind form of artwork.

The top, is Eco-friendly, reusable & crystal like, once removed it becomes a chilling glass for the perfect drink , a candle votive or jewelry holder..a collector’s dream.

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