We’re not about labels.
Never have been.

That’s why we’ve stayed true to our distilling traditions for 212 years. When you’re that dedicated to what you put into something, people can trust what comes out of it. In every rich, satisfying sip of Jim Beam White you can enjoy the craftsmanship and heritage that goes into our genuine Kentucky bourbon. For 7 generations we’ve remained loyal to that mission, and to the people who appreciate what’s on the inside.

In a recent independent study, the Beverage Testing Institute rated Jim Beam Black® highest among leading North American whiskeys for its overall nose, depth of flavor and finish. Every barrel is aged 8 years to achieve a full 86 proof and distinctive character that anyone can respect.
Beverage Testing Institute - Professional Tasting - Chicago, Illinois 2005

Wine Enthusiast Magazine rated Jim Beam Black Superb (90-95). Highly Recommended in the American Whiskey category of the Top 60 Spirits for 2003.

Wine Enthusiast - Best Buy

Jim Beam Black

  • Nose has sweet notes of caramel and yellow fruit;
    aeration reveals tobacco leaf, oak resin and cereal
  • Palate entry is semisweet and mildly grainy
  • Finishes elegantly, with dry flavors of toasted grain and oak.