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Introduced in the US in 1989, FRÏS® Vodka is the culmination of a 500-year-old tradition of Scandinavian vodka making. It was created by the Danish master distiller Knud Mygund, who discovered that the impurities found in the liquid spirit used to make vodka would freeze at a higher temperature than the rest of the spirit mixture. Once frozen, the impurities would become solids that could be easily filtered from the liquid spirit. The discovery was patented as "freeze distillation".

  • FRÏS® Vodka's unique freeze distillation process uses low temperatures to freeze out impurities while retaining desirable aromas and flavors, resulting in a vodka of superior smoothness and distinct taste.

  • In the freeze distillation process, nearly all fusel oils are frozen during distillation and then removed from the spirit, producing one of the smoothest vodkas on the market.

  • The combination of this distinct distillation process plus the carefully selected grain, pure quality drinking water, and natural flavoring makes FRÏS® a winning imported vodka in quality.
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