Quality and value from Northeastern Italy,
the world’s most important source of crisp,
fresh Pinot Grigio

ESPERTO specializes in Pinot Grigio, a varietal that
has been in Northeastern Italy for close to 200 years
and has developed its own unique varietal traits that
are unmatched elsewhere. By pairing innovation with
excellence and tradition Esperto is revolutionizing
what we expect from value wines.

Esperto Pinot Grigio is a crisp, modern twist on this
classic grape, imparting fresh fruit aromas and a
delicate palate. Its lush progressive style captures the
distinctive traits of Pinot Grigio grown in Italy’s most
renowned white wine region. With its innovative and
sophisticated new look, Esperto clearly defines a
progressive approach on this established favorite.

Popular American artist Robert Rauschenberg has
produced a label that distinctly embodies the essence
of his art and the soul of Esperto Pinot Grigio. A
unique composition of imagery and color express a
pure, contemporary essence and passion for Italy.


  • Bright, fresh and accessible. A stylish
    new expression of a classic.

  • Overdelivers in its category.

  • Modern packaging, label and screw cap.




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