Dekuyper Burst

Give your party a jolt with a blast of flavor from great tasting Burst shots. Whether you’re toasting the holidays with Blustery Peppermint or spicing things up with Sizzlin’ Cinnamon, you’ll want to party ‘til dawn with the nine exciting flavors of BURST shots.

Lit Fuse

• 1 part DeKuyper Hot Damn Burst
• 1 part DeKuyper Watermelon Pucker

Chill and serve


Dekuyper Pucker

Take your night from drab to fab when you bump up your favorite cocktails with a splash of Pucker flavor. With nine sweet and sassy flavors to choose from, it’s easy to put a Berry Fusion twist on your martinis or mix up some Island Punch Palomas to match a Hawaiian-themed party.

Strawberry Vodka Soda

• 1 part Vodka Soda
• 1 part Strawberry Pucker

Mix in ice filled glass an serve

Dekuper Luscious

Relax on a plush couch or overstuff chair and connect with friends over a deliciously refreshing Luscious drink. Whether you prefer a Tropical Mango Margarita poolside or a Pomegranate Fix by the fire, the seventeen Luscious flavors will get the good times going and mouth watering.

Fuzzy Navel

• 1 part Luscious Peachtree
• 1 splash of vodka
• 1 part orange juice

Mix in ice filled glass and serve

Dekuyper Signature

Impress your guests with DeKuyper Signature cordials, the classic essentials for quality drinks. Sip in style by shaking up martinis using premium vodka and Signature Triple Sec, or whip up some special treats with Signature Hazelnut Bliss.

Blue Hawaii

• 1 part DeKuyper Signature Blue Curacao
• 1 part Vodka
• 1 part sour mix
• 2 parts pineapple juice

Mix in ice filled glass and serve

  • Bing�l Escort
  • Bitlis Escort