Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida Continues Transformation with a Strengthening and Restructuring of its Leadership Team
John Wittig Appointed to New Role of Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Patrick Cassidy to Succeed Wittig as Vice President, General Sales Manager of South Florida

January 28, 2013, Miami, FL - Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida (SWS-FL)—a division of the nation’s largest wine and spirits distributor, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. (Southern), with current operations in 35 states—is proud to announce the appointment of John Wittig to Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Wittig will head a newly-created Sales & Marketing Leadership Team that will report directly into SWS-FL Executive Vice President, General Manager Steve Power. Executive Vice President, General Manager of North Florida Barry Zeidwig will continue to report directly into Power—as will the Operations, Finance and Human Resources vice presidents. Concurrent with Wittig’s appointment, Patrick Cassidy has been appointed Vice President, General Sales Manager of South Florida.

Commenting on the appointments and a restructuring of the Florida Sales & Marketing Leadership Team, Power said, “Over the last two years we have enhanced the leadership roles and structure in Florida, and our business has grown and become ever-more dynamic. In a concerted effort to enhance our performance continuously on behalf of our suppliers and customers, we have recognized that now is the time to augment and evolve our leadership team to make sure that we are best positioned for future success.” Power continued, “In working with John closely over the past year on the Florida Transformation effort, he has demonstrated great vision, leadership and motivation in driving change in the organization. As such, it was a natural evolution for John to fill this new statewide role.”

In his new role, Wittig will be partnered with Zeidwig in advising Power on the strategic direction of the commercial side of the business for the state. Wittig will lead a team comprised of Cassidy; Vice President, General Manager of Transatlantic Wine & Spirits Ron Sedia; Vice President, General Manager of Atlantic Wine & Spirits Greg Rabinovich; Vice President, Marketing & Sales Planning Marty Durkin; Vice President, General Sales Manager Tyree Williams; and the presently-unfilled position of Vice President, Chain Division. In additional to his North Florida commercial accountabilities, Zeidwig will oversee regional national accounts and inside sales with SWS-FL’s Vice President, National Accounts & Inside Sales Bryan Williamson reporting into him.

Southern’s Executive Vice President, General Manager Brad Vassar added, “John has brought dynamic, collaborative, technology-enabled leadership to every role he has filled since joining Southern in Nevada in 2008. Most recently, he has led our South Florida Division, home to Southern headquarters for its 45-year history. John has done an outstanding job of managing a major transformation in our route-to-market in South Florida—demonstrating great poise while under the home-market ‘microscope’.”

Commenting on Cassidy’s appointment, Power shared, “I have known Patrick for many years. He has worked in our Southern, Transatlantic and Coastal selling divisions in Florida—in various Sales and Marketing roles. Up until a few years ago, he was the Coastal Wine & Spirits Vice President, Wine and, most recently, the division’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing. I am excited to see Patrick progress into managing Southern’s South Florida division.”

John Wittig’s appointment is effective February 1, 2013; Patrick Cassidy will transition into his new role on February 18th.

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