Management Team

Over 74 years continual experience within the Delaware market. This organization is managed by Steven Dick, Jim Miller, Ed Stegemeier, and Gene Gerzsenyi.

Steven Dick  Executive Vice President, General Manager
Jim Miller  Vice President, General Sales Manager
Gene Gerzsenyi  Director of Operations
Edward J. Stegemeier  Executive Consultant

Delaware Divisions

Our four Sales Divisions; Atlantic, Chesapeake, Pacific, and exclusive On-Premise Legacy, are being managed by a competent and diverse group of managers with over 100 years of continual experience within Delaware Importers, LLC transitioning into our new ownership with SWS of America. Our organization is under the direction of Steven Dick with the following sales division management team.

Michelle Souza   Atlantic Division
Paul Rizzo   Legacy Division (on premise)
John Aiello  Pacific Division
Jean Ann Sukeena   Chesapeake Division