Trago Silver

Trago Silver tequila is a ultra-premium, crystal-clear and remarkably smooth. It has a clean, slightly spicy, smoky taste with an earthy aroma that perfectly reflects its origins in the highlands of Jalisco. Trago Silver’s ful-bodied agave flavor makes it the perfect mix for any cocktail.


Trago Reposado

Trago Reposado tequila is “rested” for four months in American oak barrels to smooth the flavor. Its aroma is fruity upon first pour, as the flavor. Its aroma is fruity upon first pour, as the flavor remains toasty while reflecting an oaky/vanilla sweetness mixed with a bit of pepper. Trago Reposado makes an exceptional premium margarita or you can enjoy its rich taste on the rocks.

Trago Anejo

Trago Anejo 100% Weber blue agave tequila is aged for 18 months in used american bourban barrels giving it a rich amber color. subtle hints of vanilla, maple and almond blend perfectly together with an undeniable agave, smoked-peppery flair. For the true Trago tequila experience, we recommend that you savor our very own special Anejo neat snifter.