Absolut 100

ABSOLUT 100 is a bold product innovation, offering consumers a luxury vodka that is noticeably smooth and remarkably mixable. With its unique combination of smoothness and mixability, ABSOLUT 100 enriches and enhances the cocktail occasion, offering a change of pace from more typical and refined martini-sipping occasions.

True to it’s ABSOLUT heritage, ABSOLUT 100 is made exclusively from the winter wheat grown in the rich fields of southern Sweden, achieving its remarkable smoothness through the proprietary process of continuous distillation pioneered by ABSOLUT in 1879.

The vodka inside is crystal clear, but the boldness, power, and smoothness of ABSOLUT 100 are symbolized by the black-coated bottle, giving the brand a dramatic presence on the back bar and on the retail shelf. While the bottle’s familiar profile and silver logo identify ABSOLUT 100 as a member of the ABSOLUT family, the black bottle sets it apart, emphasizing the brand’s distinctive character and unique position within the premium vodka category.

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