As Spirits Specialist / Director of Mixology for Southern Wine & Spirits New Mexico, I present beverage seminars to the public, privately and for my valued customers. I consult for local and national restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos and everything that comes with the amazing challenges the sales staff brings to me. I constantly promote the importance of the classic cocktail, the history behind them and the romance of the spirits we use to make them. Trough taking courses at The Anderson School of Business Management, I learned the importance of customer service. Making it a crucial part of all my trainings and how I approach everything I do. I have attended; The Inaugural BAR Course (Beverage Alcohol Resource) the Countries leading Bartender Academy and all levels of Bar Smarts. I have taken several supplier education and sales courses. Continuous education through attending trade shows, Beverage related events and seminars to keep up with relevant trends and innovation. I visit distilleries regularly to extend my knowledge on spirits production and barrel aging. I worked at some of the most popular bars in New Mexico, creating what at the time was groundbreaking movement in what would become an actual cocktail culture throughout the State. During this time I was lucky enough to be recognized on all levels of press and was able to put together Award winning Beverage Programs. Worked with and developed successful programming and cocktails for some of the most recognized brands and suppliers. Put together, hosted or judged a majority of New Mexico’s Premier Cocktail and Food Events and was the catalyst to launching the New Mexico USBG Chapter. “Customer Service is one of, if not the number one attribute of a great bartender. I believe if you have a great attitude with a need to give people the service you would want given to yourself, you can be a great bartender. Once you unlock the potential of a great bartender there is a great sense of pride watching someone be great at what they do…..and love it!”


Michael Trujillo

Southern Wine & Spirits of New Mexico Mixologist