Jeff Rogers is an award winning Mixologist with over 19 years of experience.  His focus is the guest experience, simple and fresh cocktails, education, and entertainment.  Jeff has used his expertise to successfully compete in over 70 cocktail competitions all over the world. He is highly sought after by top restaurants and bars for his training abilities in cocktail bars, nightclubs, chain restaurants, flair bars, and lounges.  His all-around experience allows him to consult on all levels of the service industry.  As a founding member of the North Star Bartender’s Guild of Minnesota and an active member of the United States Bartender’s Guild, he uses his passion for education to “raise the bar” of the cocktail landscape in the Midwest.  Jeff has been featured in multiple publications and on multiple television programs that include, Star and Tribune, Vitamn, Citypages, Perk at Play, Fox Morning, and Twin Cities Live.


Jeff Rogers

Southern Wine & Spirits of Minnesota Mixologist