Advocating Moderation Promoting Prevention is Key Educating Youth Building Employee Awareness
As the leading distributor of wine and spirits in the United States and a responsible member of the many states and local communities that we have the honor of serving, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. (“Southern”) is committed to fostering the safe and sensible use of all adult beverage products. We recognize and share in concerns about underage drinking, driving under the influence, excessive consumption and all other misuses of beverage alcohol. In an effort to address these challenges head-on, Southern has taken an active role —supporting numerous and varied efforts such as server-education programs, designated driver campaigns, under-age drinking prevention and community awareness. Southern encourages that all employees “live” the values of responsibility by embracing and complying with both the Southern Alcohol Responsibility Policy and Beverage Alcohol Responsibility (B.A.R.) programs.

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The Four Pillars

Southern believes it has a responsibility to encourage and promote responsible consumption not just to our employees but with our partners in the industry and in the communities in which we do business. We are committed to educating our employees, trading partners and those in the broader community through four key areas—or “Four Pillars”— of social responsibility:

  1. Advocating Moderation
  2. Providing Education
  3. Underage Drinking Prevention
  4. Building Employee Awareness