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SWS continues to invest in technology and people to bring efficiencies to the procurement and accounts-payable processes. To maintain a competitive advantage, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. works with best-in-class vendors in an effort to offer our internal stakeholders value for their money, as well as innovative goods & services.  Southern also seeks services and products from best-in-class suppliers to ensure that our company has a sound infrastructure with solid and proven technologies that enhance our working environment.

“Serving our internal customers, meeting today’s challenges and focusing on the future.”

We will accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Improve our cost competitiveness and demand value for our money.
  • Develop a loyal, skilled, productive and innovative vendor base.
  • Implement the best processes, systems and tools available.

Purchasing Terms & Conditions


The Purchase Order (PO) Terms and Conditions listed below will govern your transactions with Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc./or any its Affiliates, unless a Master Services/Product Agreement is in effect for the commodity purchased. In that event, the terms and conditions negotiated in the Master Agreement with your company and Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc./or any its Affiliates supersede the following PO Terms and Conditions.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions: